Best Crystals for Introverts & How to Use Them

Introvert written on a post-itBeing an introvert is a personality trait that gets a bad rep.

Often defined as the quality of being “shy” and “reserved”, introverts are labelled as unfriendly and hard to get to know - but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to the personality theory put forward by Carl Jung in the 20th century, introverts are characterized by the way they engage with external stimuli. In contrast to extroverts, introverts seek refuge and recharge when looking inwards not when they are around other people. For them, self-reflection and self-awareness are second nature. They are also the people that feel comfortable being alone and could be professional daydreams.

It is important to remember that introversion is in no way similar to shyness. Introverts can just as happily be part of a large group of people, be the leaders, and have a wide circle of friends. The difference is they will need time to “recharge” in solitude and retreat inwards to replenish their energy after all that socializing.

This is where using healing crystals could be beneficial to people that are high in introversion. Crystals can tune into what we need and unblock our chakras (energy centres). They are one of the highest forms of practising self-care. So while you won’t magically turn into the most extroverted person you know, practising with these crystals will allow you to guard your precious energy reserves, uplift your mood and enjoy mental clarity.


Healing Crystals & Stones for Introverts

Black Tourmaline

If there is one stone that you need from this list, let it be Black Tourmaline.

Rough black Tourmaline

This crystal has the ability to guard and protect your energy like no other and makes for a perfect stone to work with after big parties, events, stressful work meetings or anything of that sort. At the same time, Black Tourmaline carries away the negative energy you have been holding onto and releases it. You may also find this crystal referred to as “Schorl” from the German village where it was first discovered around 1400. Its connection to the Root Chakra will provide a boost of confidence and make you feel comfortable in speaking your mind.

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How to Use Black Tourmaline: Keep it on your or wear it as jewellery. Place it near your bed or electronic devices to protect you from EMFs. You can also make a crystal grid to place in your house for extra protection. 

Amethyst druzy Large

Also consider: You can combine your Black Tourmaline with this beautiful Amethyst Druzy to supercharge its grounding balance with some peaceful vibrations. Remember that Black Tourmaline needs to be cleansed regularly due to all the negative energy it stores.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is that all-around crystal that everyone that dabbles in crystal 

Large Clear Quartz Cluster

healing should own. This crystal is used to align your chakras and spread positive vibrations throughout your body. It is also an excellent companion if you are looking to delve deeper into your spiritual world and develop your psychic abilities. As a regulator of energy, Clear Quartz will guide you when you are feeling like your energy stores are depleting. When feeling down, it will supercharge your day and help you overcome the desire to hide away and daydream.

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Need a reminder of what the different shapes stand for? Check out this easy guide here.

How to Use Clear Quartz: Keep it in your wallet, pocket or place around your

Red Tigers Eye Tumbles

space at work and at home. Also popular stone for jewellery.

Also consider: Pair your Clear Quartz with Red Tiger’s Eye to minimize overthinking and distractions when you need to focus on an important task.



Labradorite is known as the Stone of Transformation and is remarkably capable 

Labradorite Egg

of removing fears, anxieties and insecurities. If your introversion is making it hard to quieten your inner monologue enough to engage with those around you, Labradorite can help you calm your overactive thoughts and find peace. This is a powerful crystal for those new to crystal healing so make sure to start easy and warm up to it. Labradorite will both settle and energize your thoughts, adding a sense of adventure and excitement to situations that until then felt mundane.

How to Use Labradorite: Reach for Labradorite when going through a period of change and uncertainty or considering new directions. Use it during meditation by holding it on your palm, as jewellery or make it part of your home decor.

Also consider: When paired with the complementary Rainbow Moonstone, the 

Rainbow Moonstone Spheres

power of Labradorite can feel 100x times great. Together they will provide warm and nourishing energy and the added energy of Rainbow Moonstone is particularly suited to women when dealing with hormonal imbalances.


Smokey Quartz

Another master crystal for grounding work, Smokey Quartz is suited to those 

Smokey Quartz Tower

high in introversion for the way it brings emotional calmness and releases tension. Introverts crave time alone where they can regroup and be alone with their thoughts which in this fast-paced world isn’t always feasible. Once used as a mourning stone in Victorian England, Smokey Quartz symbolizes security, stability and strength; all of which are important to mental balance and clarity. This crystal will allow you to shed and let go of negative energies.

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How to Use Smokey Quartz: Place it near your feet when sleeping to provide grounding. Wear it as jewellery or keep it close to your in your pocket or wallet. Use it during meditation and place it on your Root Chakra.

Also consider: Smokey Quartz matches perfectly with the powerful cleansing 

Natural Citrine Points

energy of Citrine. When combined, it reduces anxiety and fears, while adding a sprinkle of joy and love to your life. You may also want to grab this wonderful Selenite Moon to keep near your bed when cleansing your crystals. Just place your crystals on it overnight so they can be cleansed and ready to be used again. Selenite Wands work just as well!

Do you consider yourself an Introvert? Please let us know what your favourite crystals are! 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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