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Gemini Zodiac Crystal Set

Gemini Zodiac Crystal Set

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GEMINI Zodiac Crystal Set

Passion & Adventure

Dates: May 21  - June 21

This amazing Gemini Crystal Set is a perfect gift for the witty and charismatic Gemini in your life. One of the best communicators in the zodiac, Geminis know how to express their ideas. With an easy temperament and curious mind they often approach novel situations in a positive way. This set comes with 7 carefully selected healing crystals that match your unique personality and spread positive energy, allowing you to experience life to the fullest. 

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Blue Howlite - Throat Chakra

The ultimate communication stone, Blue Howlite is a master of fostering new ideas and sparking creativity in everyday life. From the workspace to the house, this crystal will support Geminis to express their unique viewpoints and advance their understanding. Also great for meditation and spiritual awakening. 

Green Agate - Heart Chakra 

A dreamy turquoise stone with a strong connection to the Heart Chakra, Green Agate symbolizes peace, serenity and intellectual balance. A great protector from negativity and toxic energy it works as a shield and can be worn close to your heart as a pendant. Use during meditation to enhance compassion and promote self-love and gratitude.  

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra 

A favourite healing stone, Clear Quartz amplifies energy and promotes positive thinking and wholesome nurturing vibes. Strong connection to Crown Chakra that will realign and unblock your energy centres. 

Citrine - Solar Plexus Chakra 

The stunning Citrine, with pale and creamy caramel hues is linked to self-esteem, confidence and exuberance. A great stone to complement the playful nature of Gemini and provide emotional balance and support at the same time. 

White Howlite - Crown Chakra 

White Howlite aids in self-reflection and higher consciousness and is a great healing crystal to use when you want to uncover hidden potential. Connected to the Crown Chakra it supports the spiritual journey towards the divine and will eliminate stress and anxiety, replacing it with warm and loving energy. 

Black Onyx - Sacral Chakra 

The powerful Black Onyx symbolizes strength, stamina and self-control. It will help you to overcome fears and worries and provide support. Also great for stimulating your confidence and self-efficacy. 

Leopard-Skin Jasper - Heart Chakra 

This beautiful spotted stone provides stability, support and assurance in times of great need. It works well with most chakras, including the Heart, Root and Sacral and will masterfully realign and clear away blockages that are holding you back. 

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