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Throat Chakra Crystal Kit

Throat Chakra Crystal Kit

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Throat Chakra Crystal Kit

*Communication & Clarity" 

This chakra crystal kit includes 5 healing crystals that vibrate with the Throat Chakra and will open, align and balance your energy centres. 

The Throat Chakra is found right on the base of the neck and is the centre of self-expression, communication and tolerance. Linked to the mouth, tongue, and of course, throat, the fifth chakra, allows us to unleash our creativity, and speak our truth clearly and confidently. This carefully selected Throat Chakra crystal set will be of great support to frequent public speakers, or if you are struggling with social anxiety and general lack of confidence. An unbalanced Throat Chakra can manifest through dishonesty, arrogance, and inability to keep secrets or even verbal aggression. 

Crystals: Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Epidote, Blue Tiger's Eye, Howlite 

-Sodalite - For enhancing creativity and "out of the box" thinking 
-Lapis Lazuli – For honest & compassionate communication 
-Epidote – For grounding and heightening vibrational energies 
-Blue Tigers Eye – For balancing conflicting thoughts & clear vision
-Howlite  – For finding your voice and eliminating stress & anxiety

All our crystals are handpicked, cleansed and recharged before they make their way to you. 

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