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Titanium Aura Chips - Balancing/Energizing

Titanium Aura Chips - Balancing/Energizing

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Titanium Aura Chips (20 Grams)

Pronunciation: Ty-tay-nee-um Or-ra

Chakras: All the Chakras

Quality Grade: 1st Grade

Origin: USA

This rainbow coloured glittering crystal is a combination of Quartz that has been bonded with vaporised titanium amongst other metals to create this phantasmagoric crystal with colours of gold, blue, green, magenta and orange. Titanium Aura works with all the chakras and is a wonderful crystal to have that will energize, balance and ground you. It is also used in spiritual work and can shield and guard your aura from negative energy as well as connect to your Third Eye Chakra and aid in raising your awareness levels. The strong vital energy it emits will activate your physical chakras and make you feel grounded and determined to achieve your goals. Titanium Aura has different names depending on the concentration of titanium used during the bonding process and it also is often confused with Cobalt Aura that has a much deeper blue colour.

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