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Tali & Loz Ultimate Set for Protection

Ultimate Set for Protection

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Ultimate Set for Protection

This set is curated with crystals and a sage stick to help you form a protective shield around you. 

Whether it is protection from negative energy from other people or EMF, this is the set you need!

Crystals: Red Jasper, Shungite, Black Obsidian, Fluorite and Tourmaline

Sage Wand: White Sage - Safari Flower

Red Jasper Tumblestone: Protection and Courage

Red Jasper provides you with protection, courage and settles the mind so you can overcome any challenges that come your way. Keep Red Jasper directly on your skin to intensify the vibrations. It is an excellent protective stone against EMFs and pollution. 

Shungite Palmstone: Cleansing and Shielding

.Shungite works like an absorbent sponge, shielding the wearer or those nearby from everything that could be considered harmful, including EMF radiation. The crystal is made up of more than 98% per cent carbon, a common ingredient in most modern water filters. You can add the Shungite crystal to drinking water for an extra boost of clean energy. 

Black Onyx Tumblestone: Shielding and Confidence

Black Onyx is a crystal with immense power and will drain away negativity and fears and replace it with confidence and physical strength. Because of its shielding abilities it is used to guard against EMFs and is a great stone to reach for when you are going through difficult times.

Fluorite Tumblestone: Cleansing and Confidence

It vibrates strongly with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and will cleanse any room from negative energy, while also eliminating negative self-perceptions and providing you with the confidence you need to chase after your wildest dreams. A lot of people use Rainbow Fluorite around their home or work office for a boost in concentration as it is also a great barrier from harmful EMF.

Tourmaline Needles: Protection and Purifying

One of the finest protective stones you could have around you and in your house at all times. Black Tourmaline, will cleanse and purify the energies around you and block harmful electromagnetic fields. It is best placed close to your electronic devices, like a router or next to your phone. You can also add a Tourmaline Needle in Candles to radiate its protective energies around the room. After Burning the candle, cleanse the needle and re-use.

White Sage and Safari Flower stick: Harmony and Soothing

White Sage comes from California and has a strong spicy scent, it also has energy cleansing properties and has been used by Native Americans for ages (which is a sacral ritual called smudging) to clear out negative energy and evil. The Safari Flower comes from South Africa and has a wonderful soothing scent. A perfect cleansing stick to harmonise your environment. 

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