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Leo zodiac symbol 

The middle of the summer is the beginning of Leo season, bringing with it a shift in the mood and powerful vibrational energies. Those born under the Leo sign, July 23 to August 22, will experience this season with renewed energy and feel more confident to explore their various interests and hobbies. Leo people are considered natural born leaders, confident, passionate and proud, just like the Lion. When out of balance, these same qualities can be exaggerated and lead to a demeanor that appears selfish, unyielding and obstinate. With the help of healing crystals, Leo people can amplify their strengths and positive traits. Crystals are energy carriers that are attuned to specific frequencies and can harmonize and balance your energy. When the Sun is in Leo, all zodiac signs will feel its influence. This is a time to let your inner light shine bright and go after the things that you desire, even if they scare you. Let’s take a look at some of the best crystals for Leos that can support and enrich your unique personality traits. 

Characteristics of Leo - Strengths and Weaknesses  

Date Duration: July 23rd - August 22nd 

Fire element sign

Symbol: Lion 

Element: Fire 

Modality: Fixed 

Planetary Ruler: The Sun 

Leo season is marked by the hottest days of the summer. The symbol for Leo is the almighty Lion, and it is ruled by the Sun. This makes sense, since Leo loves to be in the spotlight and has a seemingly never-ending reserve of energy and enthusiasm. This influx of energy is great to put towards creative projects. If you are working on a new project or are deep into the process of designing and creating, then Leo season and these healing crystals will prove very useful. 

The fiery, masculine energy of Leo is also associated with ambition, hard work and extroversion. As a fixed sign, Leos often have a singular point of focus and work tirelessly to see things through from start to finish. But their self-assurance and copious amounts of confidence can also lead to them appearing patronizing, bossy and narrow-minded. Signs with a fixed modality, like Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius (there is one for each element), are the doers and creative forces of the zodiac. Healing crystals can enrich the determination and perseverance of the Lion and support your journey through new challenges. 

Top Picks for Leo Crystals 

Rough PyriteRough Pyrite 

Epidote TumblestonesEpidote Tumbles

Dumorturite TowersDumorturite towers

What is the Leo Birthstone? 

Of the crystals associated with the Leo zodiac sign, Black Onyx is a traditional 

Black Onyx tumbles

birthstone option. It helps to calm the exuberant personality of the Lion and balance emotions. Black Onyx is connected to the Root Chakra and as such has strong grounding abilities that allow Leos to feel centered and secure in their surroundings. It is also great at increasing concentration and focus. Try keeping it next to your workspace for a boost in productivity! 

Best Healing Crystals for Leo 

Black Sardonyx 

This is a wonderful crystal for Leo and Aries - a fellow Fire element sign - that is

Black Sardonyx tumbles

linked to self-assurance, personal power, and inner-strength. Black Sardonyx can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt where it was used as protection against evil. For Leos, this is a great stone for boosting confidence during periods of stress and feeling connected to the earth. 


Pictured Jasper 

A Root Chakra stone, Pictured Jasper is all about the earth element. This is one

Pictures Jasper Tumblestone

of the reasons why it also makes an excellent stone for the determined and mature nature of Capricorn. While this is not a crystal that is often recommended for Leos, Pictured Jasper has a lot to offer when included in daily practice. It inspires creative pursuits, enhances manifestation and visualization and boosts your intuition. 


Golden Healer Quartz 

Considered a “Master Healer” this crystal is one of the most powerful tools at

Golden Healer Quartz Tumblestones

your disposal for connecting to the core of your energy. It resonates at the same frequency as the Crown, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, bringing with it emotional balance and spiritual awakening. Golden Healer Quartz is an ideal companion for those working in professions that require extensive interaction with other people, which makes you feel drained, exhausted and depleted of all creativity. 


Zebra Agate 

Zebra Agate is a stone for all zodiac signs and linked to the Root and Sacral 

Zebra Agate tumblestones

Chakras. It is a great creativity booster, making this an excellent choice for artistic Leos. As an air element stone, Zebra Agate will keep you grounded during your meditation practice and keep you focused on the task at hand. It provides much needed encouragement when you need it while helping you to elevate your awareness. 


Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is an April birthstone and shares the same planetary ruler with Leo.

Clear Quartz clusters

Its warm and nourishing qualities encourage heightened awareness and spiritual connections, making it a great stone for all Leos. Clear Quartz is one of the must-have crystals of all time. It will amplify your energy, help you align your chakras and connect to your intuition. 


Dragonblood Jasper 

Dragonblood Jasper is an alternative March birthstone - together with 

Dragonblood jasper tumblestones

Aquamarine - with a strong connection to the Heart Chakra. It increases courage and positive thinking and was once used by ancient warriors to provide strength before battle. With Dragonblood Jasper by your side, everything will seem within reach. 



Pyrite is a July and August birthstone that is an ideal match for the Leo zodiac 

Pyrite Tumblestones

sign. It is mostly connected to the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras that govern intuition, determination and perseverance. For Leos, Pyrite can encourage a spirit of generosity and support. If you struggle staying in the moment during conversations, Pyrite can also keep you focused and sharpen your perception. 


Ocean Jasper 

Ocean Jasper is not traditionally linked to the zodiac but can be great for all 

Ocean Jasper Sphere

signs including Leos. It combines the energy of water and volcanic matter and as such is connected to both the Water and Fire elements. It’s Solar Plexus centered energy helps with discipline and self esteem, plus it protects you from negativity and makes you feel relaxed and at ease.



A July birthstone, Carnelian works great with signs born under Leo, Taurus,

Carnelian Tumblestones

Cancer and Virgo and is a Fire element stone to the core. The high vibrations of Carnelian and upbeat energy will be of great help if you are feeling stuck or unsure with your life decisions. This is also a great stone to work with when looking to bring romance and passion to your life, whether you are searching for a life partner or working to strengthen your bond. 

Want a Leo crystal set? 

These were some of the best healing crystals for Leos that can help you along

Leo crystal set

your path. 

We have created a Leo crystal set bundle for your friends, family loved ones or yourself! 

Enjoy the combined benefits of Pictured Jasper, Golden Healer Quartz, Black Onyx, Clear Quartz and Dragonblood Jasper in this carefully selected Leo Zodiac Crystal Set. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us for free crystal advice! 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz 
 Love & Light, Laura

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