Use These Five Blue Crystals for Your Upper Chakras

Crystals are great tools to boost and balance your Chakras. This blog is about how to boost and balance your upper three Chakras with the help of blue crystals. We work with the 7 Chakras system and therefore your upper three Chakras are; Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and your Crown Chakra. But why do we use blue crystals? Well, there are many colour crystals that you can use for your upper three Chakras, but blue is generally the most connected colour to all three of these Chakras. If you think about it, the colour of the Throat Chakra is light blue, the Third Eye Chakra is linked to dark blue and the Crown Chakra is linked to the colours purple and white.

Let’s dive deeper into the blue crystals!



Celestite is one of our favourites! This gorgeous pale blue crystal is connected

Extra Large Celestite Druzy Crystal

to all three of the upper Chakras. Use this crystal particularly for Crown Chakra practices, especially for sleep, dream recalling and astral travel. When you want to stimulate your intuition, flow of perception and deeper understanding we recommend to meditate with Celestite on your Third Eye Chakra. If you have larger pieces of Celestite you can place this crystal around or next to you and focus your Third Eye connection with the Celestite for strengthening this connection. Celestite is also one of our favourites to keep on our desk. The ability to speak your truth, be focussed and be balanced in your emotions are coming from the Throat Chakra. Therefor having Celestite on your desk or have Celestite on you whilst working is a great daily crystal choice!

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Blue Tigers Eye

One of the most balancing crystals is Blue Tigers Eye. Blue Tigers Eye has both

Blue Tigers Eye Palmstones

male and female energies and is therefore the perfect crystal to balance your upper three Chakras. Although mostly connected to your Throat Chakra, Blue Tigers Eye does have an effect on your Third Eye and Crown Chakras by opening up your mind to clear thinking and relaxing the overactive mind. We love using this crystal for communication, public speaking and self-expression which are all connected to the Throat Chakra. Carry Blue Tigers Eye on you during your daily crystal practices.

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From our perception Iolite is one of the most underrated crystals in our shop!

Iolite Tumble stones

This gorgeous deep blue crystal has a strong connection to your Third Eye Chakra. Iolite is both a booster as well as a protector, meaning Iolite is great to boost your spiritual connections but also helps to protect you from unwanted energies that might come to you when you open yourself up. When you feel out of balance, use Iolite to create order in your thinking and to pull you back on track to pursue your vision. We also recommend to use Iolite to unlock creativity and out of the box thinking, especially when you are stuck on a project.

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Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is one of our favourites for refreshing and aligning energies in our

Blue rough Kyanite in a bowl

upper three Chakras. We highly recommend to place Blue Kyanite underneath your pillow for relaxed sleep as well as dream recalling. Dream recalling specifically can be a highly restorative practice and allows you to understand the symbolism of your dreams in full. Blue Kyanite also stimulates the Third Eye Chakra energies for insight and clarity. When you meditate with Blue Kyanite on your Third Eye, your spiritual connections will be highly boosted. This will allow you to connect with your higher consciousness, higher beings and with your own high vibrations more intense which are connected to your Crown Chakra.  

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Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is like a soft and warm blanket of energy. This gorgeous pale blue

Blue Calcite Spheres

crystal will act as a protective shield of any unwanted energies that might come your way. The strongest connection of Blue Calcite is mostly to your Throat Chakra where the centre of communication lies. When you are not comfortable in speaking your truth, Blue Calcite is there to help stimulating this as well as protect you. Blue Calcite is also great for removing stagnant energies in your upper three Chakras. When you feel your head is ‘full’ or feel a bit all over the place, we highly recommend to have relaxing meditations with Blue Calcite to bring in fresh energy.

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Blue crystals are great for your upper three Chakras. The energies of crystals are fluid, meaning even though they are thought to be connected to one Chakra only, they always flow to the nearby Chakras too. Blue crystals are particularly great for sleep, dream recalling, spiritual connections, clear thinking and balancing energies.

Let us know what your favourite blue crystal is and to which upper Chakra you feel it is most connected?


Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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