Five of Our Favourite Purple Crystals

Did you see or hear about a purple crystal recently that’s perfect for you and your needs, but you didn’t catch what it was called? Or maybe you’re just curious about purple crystals because purple is your favourite colour! Either way, this list of our top 5 purple crystals is sure to help you figure out which one is right for you.

Crown Chakra Connection

Near enough all purple crystal are connected to the Crown Chakra which is represented by the colours purple/violet, white or gold. 

This is why most of the purple crystals are for spiritual protection, higher connections, mental focus, energy stabilization, spiritual growth, psychic connection and healing of the heart.

Read more on the Crown Chakra and it's connection to the crystals.



Probably the most popular purple stone there is, Amethyst is ideal for energy protection and higher connection. Its association with the Third Eye and Crown

Amethyst spheres

Chakras make it ideal for working with Source Energy and Spiritual Realms as well as developing personal intuition and psychic gifts. Meditate with Amethyst to connect with spirit and your inner knowing, or wear and carry it with you for access to this high level of connection on a daily basis.

Amethyst can also be used to work with dreams. Set the intention to receive messages through your dreams and sleep with a small stone under your pillow each night. Start a dream journal and take note of any recurring patterns or themes, as well as messages that may be coming through.

Even if you’re not interested in working on a higher spiritual level, Amethyst is a very calming purple crystal that offers energy protection for those who wear or carry it with them. Dissipate anger, manage fear, reduce anxiety and alleviate sadness all with Amethyst by your side.

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Often referred to as the stone of transition, the peace stone, or the grandmother stone, Lepidolite is a very special purple crystal indeed. If you need to invite

Lepidolite Chips

more loving and nurturing energy into your life, this is the stone for you. Helping to calm and heal chaotic emotions is what Lepidolite does best.

Meditate with Lepidolite to balance your energy and connect with your higher self, or keep it with you during challenging times (or transitions) to help regulate anxiety and stress that may arise. If you find that your emotions and fears work themselves out in your dreams, try sleeping with Lepidolite under your pillow to help invite more peaceful dreams.

On a physical level, Lepidolite is also believed to help regulate the menstrual cycle. So, if you are a person with a period and your experience is less than ideal, you may consider adding this purple crystal to your collection.

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Purple Scapolite

Like Amethyst, Purple Scapolite is also helpful for connecting with higher realms, spirit guides and Divine energy. On the other hand, if you need to uplift your perspective on life, this stone can be very helpful in shifting the way you look at things, plus, how you interpret and understand them.

If you’re working with past lives, Purple Scapolite is especially effective for helping you gain new clarity and understanding related to your past life experiences. The vibration of this stone can help clear blockages that you may have been dealing with for lifetimes, especially if those blockages are causing problems for you in this lifetime.

Some say that Purple Scapolite can help a person manage and heal from problems that are related to aging (both mental and physical). Additionally, this purple gem helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies within the body.



Need to transform negative energy into positive energy? Then Fluorite might be the (purple) crystal for you! Fluorite is available in green, blue and purple

Purple Fluorite Sphere

however the majority is mixture of these where purple is most visible so we added this to our list!

Energetic transformation is a gift that Fluorite offers for those who wear, meditate with or keep it around. Use this stone to clear away old and stagnant energies and create space for fresh new energy. Fluorite is great for facilitating healthy changes.

Knows as the ‘genius stone’, fluorite promotes a peace of mind and improves mental focus when you place Fluorite in your workspace or living space at home. Use it as an aid to power through a study session or major project at work. As you start to focus on the task at hand, with Fluorite by your side, you may notice that your stress and anxiety begins to melt away.

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Purple Kunzite

The last purple crystal on our list is Purple Kunzite. This is a joyful stone that’s connected to the Heart Chakra. So if you’re looking for a purple crystal that helps with matters of the heart, then Purple Kunzite is the stone you need.

Purple Kunzite Chips

More than just a heart healing stone, Purple Kunzite helps to connect the head with the heart, allowing us to bring more loving kindness into our mental processes. Wear or meditate with this stone if you want to get better at both giving and receiving love, if you need to work through heartache, or even just to help calm the nerves.

Anxiety is a condition that often occurs when we see the world through the lens of fear. Using purple Kunzite, you can intentionally work to clear that fear from your mental space and replace it with love. When we see the world with love, life feels much better.

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Final Thoughts

Purple crystals are just amazing, great for calming, soothing and nurturing. Equally they are great for higher connections, focus and strong spiritual work. 

Be sure to program your crystals right for the work you want the crystal to help you with. 

Read more here on crystal healing 101 here.

If you are not sure about which crystal is best suited to you, feel free to reach out to us and we can help you in making a conscious choice about the best-suited crystals.

All our crystals are cleansed with sage and bathed in Moonlight before they make their journey to you.

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Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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