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Leo Zodiac Crystal Set

Leo Zodiac Crystal Set

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LEO Crystal Zodiac Set

Confidence & Charisma 

Dates: July 23  - Aug 22 

This Leo Crystal Set includes a carefully curated set of healing stones that are a perfect match for the enthusiastic and animated personality of Leo. This zodiac sign loves to be the centre of attention but manages to balance their propensity for drama with their generous heart and loving nature. A thoughtful gift for yourself or a valued friend that will infuse positive energy and good vibes to everyone that uses it. 

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Pictured Jasper - Root Chakra 

A great stone for stimulating your imagination and letting your creative side explore new ideas. The Root Chakra connection grounds you to earth and allows you to feel rested and secure within yourself. 

Golden Healer Quartz - Crown Chakra 

This "Master Healer" crystal restores energy flow from the Solar Plexus up to the Crown Chakra. It will provide vitality and spiritual guidance for higher insight so you can manifest the life you have always dreamed of. 

Black Onyx - Sacral Chakra

Black Onyx is the birthstone of the warmhearted but often quite bossy Leo. It is great to use while travelling for extra protection against negative energies. 

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra

For the brave and self-centered Leo, Clear Quartz is an ideal healing crystal that will open your awareness and the inner workings of your mind. Promotes fair and impartial judgement. 

Dragon blood Jasper - Heart Chakra 

Dragon blood Jasper is all about courage, strength and good health. It perfectly matches the brave and fearless nature of Leos. A wonderful Heart Chakra stone, it will spread positive vibrations so you can be confident in yourself and your abilities to overcome adversity. 

Pyrite - Solar Plexus 

Named after the Greek word for fire, Pyrite is associated with wealth, good luck and willpower. Believed to manifest desires, Pyrite will complement the generous nature of Leo and inspire everyone that uses it. 

Ocean Jasper - Solar Plexus Chakra 

The stunning Ocean Jasper is found near the seashore but is born out of lava. This contrasting nature can heal and nourish conflicting emotions and help you work through unresolved issues.  

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