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Angelite Tumblestones - Communication/Emotional Healing

Angelite Tumblestones - Communication/Emotional Healing

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Angelite Tumblestones

Pronunciation: An-ge-lyte

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Heart

Zodiac: Aquarius

Element: Air

Planet: Uranus

Origin: Mexico

The name of Angelite is most fitting, making known its connection to the angels and the spiritual realm. It can help you communicate with your guardian angels and spirit guides and has strong lunar connections. Angelite is a great stone to use for dream recall and it will protect you against nightmares and guard your energy while you sleep. This is why it is a great stone to keep next to your bed or under your pillow at night. Meditating with a piece of Angelite before bed will also encourage healing dreams. Angelite has a strong connection to the Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, which is why it can also help you process your dreams and have clarity in your decision making. Angelite feels like touching a cloud on a rainy day, or a river stream. It has the dreamiest pale blue colour, with soft white lines and spots. Angelite is also a great companion during times of grief and can help you overcome emotional pain and anger.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.

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