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Tali & Loz Ultimate Set for Stress and Anxiety

Ultimate Set for Stress and Anxiety

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Ultimate Set for Stress and Anxiety

Are you, or someone you know, feeling stressed and anxious all the time? This set is what you need! A wonderful set of calming, protecting and confidence boosting crystals.

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Selenite, Kyanite, Dark Amethyst, Rhodonite and Tigers Eye.

Rose Quartz Tumblestone: Self-Love and Calmness

A great piece to carry with you or underneath your pillow for a restful sleep

Selenite Wand: Cleanse and Protect

Selenite even cleanses other crystals from their unwanted energy. Place the wand in a room where you want to clear the vibes. Scan your body and Aura with the Selenite stick to help you balance.   

Kyanite Blade: Chakra Balance and Clear Negativity

Kyanite is a stone that can instantly aid in chakra alignment, and vibrates strongly at the higher chakras, including the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. It will allow you to release negativity and toxic thoughts and step into yourself, freely and without hesitation. 

Dark Amethyst Tumblestone: Soothing and Nurturing

Carry Amethyst with you for daily support. With it soothing vibes, this crystals helps to soothe the mind and body. 

Rhodonite Tumblestone: Love and Compassion

A Heart Chakra stone that vibrates with love and compassion, this is a great crystal to keep near when you feel a panic or anxiety attack coming on. Let Rhodonite bring self-love and affection into your life as you wash the fears away. 

Tigers Eye Palmstone: Courgage and Self Expression

Tigers Eye provides you with the motivation to express yourself fearlessly and courageously and soothes away the fears and anxieties of life. This balancing stone is great to keep at work in your office and has been used since the ancient years for jewellery and talismans

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