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Iolite with Sunstone Tumblestones - Protection/Intuition

Iolite with Sunstone Tumblestones - Protection/Intuition

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Iolite with Sunstone Tumblestones

Pronunciation: e-o-lyte

Chakras: Third Eye

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces and Cancer

Element: Water

Planet: Earth

Iolite is a stone of protection, spiritual guidance and purpose. It is found in rich and vivid hues of violet, purple and blue and vibrates strongly to the Third Eye Chakra. Iolite is about unlocking your intuition, creativity and understanding of the physical and spiritual world around you. This is a great stone when life feels out of balance and a different perspective is in order. Iolite is found in many countries and was considered a precious gem, used by the Vikings to help them navigate the ocean through the movement of the sun. It is sometimes referred to as the “water sapphire” even though it isn’t linked to the Sapphire at all. Iolite is slowly gaining in popularity and used in jewellery but also for manifesting creativity and joy. Keep your Iolite cleansed and away from crystals that could scratch it or damage it.

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