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Strawberry Quartz Tumblestones - Support/Confidence

Strawberry Quartz Tumblestones - Support/Confidence

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Strawberry Quartz Tumblestones

Pronunciation: Straw-berri Q-warts

Chakras: Root and Sacral

Zodiac: Libra, Pisces and Aquarius

Element: Fire and Earth

Planet: Sun and Earth

Quality Grade: 1st Grade

Origin: Morocco

Strawberry Quartz, is also known as Hematoid Quartz or Red Quartz, due to its deep red colour and layer of Hematite. The colour ranges from deep and dark red, to luminous brown and everything in between. Now mainly sourced in Morocco, Strawberry Quartz is connected to the Root and Sacral Chakras, allowing for the stabilization and grounding of higher vibrational positive energies. It has a supportive energy so that we feel secure in our own body, have a positive outlook and a sense of belonging. The energy of this crystal helps us with our vitality on all levels, physical, emotional and mental, aiding us to act with confidence and strength. This crystal can also help calm anxious minds and panic thoughts and enhance focus and concentration. People with short attention spans or those that struggle with completing projects would benefit from carrying this with them. Strawberry Quartz help to disperse negative energy, balancing us so we are ultimately stabilized and grounded.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.

Once you have chosen your crystal, we will make a conscious choice which one to send to you.

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