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Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Set

Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Set

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SCORPIO Crystal Zodiac Set

Excitement & Creativity

Dates: Oct 23  - Nov 21 

The Scorpio Crystal Set was created to highlight and enhance the positive characteristics of the most passionate and magnetic sign in the zodiac. The carefully selected healing crystals in this set are a perfect match for Scorpio's complex emotional world and will support your journey towards self-reflection and bring depth and joy to your everyday life. An excellent personalized gift that anyone would love to receive. 

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Shungite - Root Chakra 

Shungite has a magnetic pull and power - not that different from the passionate Scorpio. It is best for clearing energy blockages and can absorb impurities in any room that it is placed in. 

Aquamarine - Throat Chakra 

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for the magnetic Scorpio. A captivating stone that energizes and heals connections between your chakras. It also provides the ability to express your feelings with confidence. 

Red Jasper - Sacral Chakra

This is an intense stone, with a powerful and protective energy that holds within ancient wisdom. It is a great stone to stimulate dreams and spreads warm and calm vibrations that will improve concentration. 

Obsidian - Root Chakra 

Obsidian allows you to tap into your divine wisdom and seek clarity and peace of mind. Highly protective and a great detox stone, it aids in communication with the spiritual realm and promotes self control and compassion. 

Unakite - Heart Chakra 

A powerful Heart Chakra, Unakite is a love stone that helps you transform your thoughts and actions and heal emotional blockages. Great for nursing mothers and will balance masculine and feminine energies. Can be placed near your bed for stress-free dreams. 

Labradorite - Crown Chakra 

This beautiful iridescent crystal is a symbol of transformation and has a calming effect that enhances compassion and banishes insecurities. It teaches kindness and can assist with overcoming feelings of grief and letting go of toxic behaviours. 

Malachite - Heart Chakra

With its deeply mesmerizing forest green colour, Malachite is a symbol of mutual support, gratitude and tenderness. It breaks through destructive patterns, fear and resentment and opens up communication allowing you to trust without prejudice. 

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