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Third Eye Chakra Crystal Kit

Third Eye Chakra Crystal Kit

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Third Eye Chakra Crystal Kit

*Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom*

This chakra crystal kit includes 5 healing crystals that vibrate with the Third Eye Chakra and will open, align and balance your energy centres.

The Third Eye Chakra is linked to our highest intuition, dreams, sacred wisdom and ability to stay aware of our physical and emotional state. When in balance, it allows us to approach and analyze situations with logic and offers different viewpoints and perspectives. In contrast, blockages might cause us to feel stuck in toxic thinking patterns and feel trapped, disregarding new ideas and not trusting our "gut" and intuition. We have carefully selected this Third Eye Chakra crystal set so you can reconnect and activate your inner being.

Crystals: Amethyst Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Pink Moonstone

-Amethyst – For physical & spiritual protection
-Moonstone – For manifesting inner goals and emotional healing
-Rose Quartz – For releasing bottled up emotions and positive encouragement
-Fluorite – For promoting wisdom and clear thinking
-Pink Moonstone – For heightening intuitive abilities and higher consciousness

All our crystals are handpicked, cleansed and recharged before they make their way to you.

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