The Best Crystals for Grounding, Protection and Stability

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Some days feel like a constant struggle between what we need to do and what we have accomplished. As much as we try, the to-do-list gets longer and our ability to manage our time and perform simple daily tasks decreases. In moments like this, we all have a preferred ritual or practice that puts us back on track and reminds us that stress and anxiety cannot control our lives. One of those techniques is using grounding crystals! 

If you haven't heard of grounding crystals before, get ready to dive in! 


What is grounding and why do we need it? 

Not surprisingly, the practice of “grounding” is related to the word “ground” and is also commonly referred to as “Earthing”. To be grounded is to be in touch with nature and the energy of Mother Earth, so you can recharge your spirit and balance your mental and physical state. 

When it comes to scientific studies, grounding has been explored as an alternative therapeutic technique, especially for those suffering from inflammation, chronic pain and intense mood swings. Most of the data currently available has shown positive effects in the way grounding can restore the body's natural defence mechanisms and promote a healthier and more positive outlook. 

Some common grounding techniques that you may already be using without knowing are walking in the park barefoot, a few minutes of meditation or lightning a sage stick and letting the smell boost your mood and melt the anxiety away. 


How does it feel to be ungrounded? 

Being ungrounded is one of the most stressful feelings in the world. For most people, it becomes evident when it starts to interfere with your daily tasks. If you are having trouble staying focused on the present, concentrating on your work, completing your tasks, or feel emotionally drained and constantly out of place, you will benefit from a grounding practice. 


What is a grounding stone? 

A grounding stone is a vessel that carries the vital energy supplied by the Earth that will help with the process of grounding. They are also called anxiety or worry stones. 

While everybody will experience a different connection to each crystal, some are more suited and carry higher vibrations that will aid with grounding. Carry on reading to see our suggestions for some of the best crystals for grounding. 


How are chakras related to grounding? 

The Sacral or Root Chakra is the first energy centre on our bodies and the one responsible for keeping us grounded and balanced. Located at the base of our spine, its purpose is to secure a healthy and strong foundation, so we can feel secure. It also allows our energy to flow upwards, to our higher chakras, and begin the process of transformation, achieve our goals, and reach a higher level of consciousness 

You can read more about the 7 Chakras, in detail, here

Detox chakra set

How do I choose a healing stone or crystal for grounding work? 

Different grounding crystals appeal to different people, and this will be largely based on your personality, mood and needs at any specific time. 

Before picking a crystal for grounding make sure to: 

  • Pick up a crystal that "calls" out to you and let your intuition guide you
  • Place it on your hand and let it sit there for a while 
  • Focus on clearing your mind from thoughts and see where the energy takes you 
  • The energy shift will be clearly noticeable, but if you haven't done any grounding work before, it might take a moment to settle into a comfortable place. 

Best Crystals for Grounding 

These crystals are some of our favourites for grounding work and will assist you when your vibrational energy is blocked or misaligned. 

Most healing crystals are connected to the Root Chakra, so you may also be interested in this guide, with the best Root Chakra crystals and stones.



Shungite is an extraordinary and immensely powerful healing stone, whose

Shungite Palmstones

detoxifying and purification properties have been known for centuries. The grounding energy of Shungite also protects against harmful electromagnetic radiation and removes free radicals. Composed mainly of carbon, the power of Shungite stems from the presence of "fullerenes", a crystalline form of carbon and antioxidant that has not been discovered in any other mineral on the planet. This is one of the strongest grounding stones you can use to unblock your Root Chakra, increase mental clarity, dismiss negative thoughts, and melt away stress, anxiety and limiting beliefs

Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is another excellent grounding crystal that vibrates to your

Black tourmaline rough

Root Chakra and will ease a tense mind so you can focus on what is most important. In its raw form, it can be rough and rugged, but you can also find polished and smooth Black Tourmaline stones; their energies might feel different in your hand. You can meditate by placing Black Tourmaline at the base of your spine, or next to your pillow so you can wake up feeling rested and revitalized. Try putting it next to your desk and electronic devices as a shield against the effects of EMF.



The smooth, shiny and mesmerizing Hematite is made up of 70% iron and takes

Hematite Tower

its name from the Greek word for blood. The surface of the crystal has a rich and often metallic grey colour, but deep red, orange and brown hues hide beneath the surface and are often visible. It has a nurturing and gentle energy, that draws you closer to earth, centering your emotional and physical being with its magnetic force. Hematite is also a great Root Chakra stone. 



Obsidian is one of our favourite grounding stones, with wonderful healing

Obsidian Towers

properties that offer protection, aid communication, and provide emotional support during stressful periods. Due to its powerful magnetic force, Black Obsidian can bring up unresolved issues and be profoundly overwhelming and intense to those new to working with crystals. The "Stone of Truth" will often call out to us at times of grief or great emotional stress. It is up to us to decide if we are ready for the process of transformation to begin. One thing is for sure, Black Obsidian will diffuse the cloud of negativity burdening your mind and bring back peace and balance. 


Smokey Quartz 

Smokey Quartz is found in various colours, from an almost transparent and pale

Smokey quartz sphere

yellow to deep brown hues. As a grounding stone, it has an uplifting and positive energy that will boost your spirits, dispel unwanted feelings, and reset your connection to Mother Earth. With its strong connection to the Root Chakra, it will protect, balance, and ground you, so you feel emotionally secure, confident and determined. 


Green Fluorite 

Since most grounding crystals are associated with the Root Chakra,  this list 

Green Fluorite Tower

features a lot of dark brown and red stones. For those looking for something different, the mesmerizing Green Fluorite, connected to the Third Eye and Heart Chakras, is an excellent option. The name comes from the Latin word for "flow" while its strong earthly connection can support your mind and ground your thoughts, so you remain calm and clear-headed. It is an excellent stone for communication, creative brainstorming and spiritual growth. 



Another stone attuned to the Root Chakra, Carnelian has a range of healing

Carnelian Sphere

properties and promotes positive energy, health as well as  confidence and success in life. Its colour ranges from pale orange to fiery red and can assist with fertility issues and the flow of sexual energies. In the ancient world, Carnelian was associated with goddesses and the sacred womb. This is a wonderful stone for self-love that will ground you and protect you from toxic energy and irrational fears. You can combine Carnelian with Black Tourmaline for an even more powerful grounding experience.

Are there any crystals you recommend for grounding and protection? Let us know below in the comments!

As always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

  Love & Light, Laura 


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