Best Crystal Gifts For Astrology-Loving and Spiritual Friends 

Do you have a friend that has recently (or since always) been into crystals? 

Maybe your knowledge of crystal healing is not existent but you want to make sure you get them something they will appreciate. Or as a fellow crystal enthusiast, you are after ideas for unique and lesser-known crystals that make the perfect gift for friends who love crystals as much as you. 

Shopping for crystal-lovers doesn’t have to be tricky and if you take the time to pick a stone that compliments their personality and life, they will be forever grateful. 

Without further delay, here are some of our favourite crystal gift ideas that your friends will love to receive. 


Best crystal themed gifts 

For Yoga Lovers 

A Wooden namaste symbol

This wooden namaste symbol in calligraphy print will bring some of that peaceful

Namaste symbol

divinity and gratitude to their space. Extra points if your friend has an at-home yoga practice so they can decorate their special space accordingly. 


For the one that likes surprises 

A crystal mystery box full of surprises 

Would you rather let the universe decide what is best for your friend? These

Mystery Boxes

crystal mystery boxes can be ordered in various sizes and come with a selection of crystals plus a few extra goodies! Comes with product cards so you know exactly which crystals you got and how to use them! 


For the Plant Lover 

A healing crystal plant bag 

Did you know that pairing crystals with certain house plants can boost their 

Plant bags

energy and allow them to thrive? There are so many wonderful crystals that work well with indoor and outdoor plants but here are a few to get you started. Plus, with this gift, you will be combining two of their favourite things in one! 

Crystals like Malachite, Rose Quartz, Green Calcite and Amethyst are amazing options for protection and positive vibrations. You may also pick this deluxe plant bag with a carefully picked selection of crystals that is suitable for most plants. 


For the easily stressed friend  

The ultimate crystal set for stress and anxiety

Has your friend been dealing with a lot of added stress and anxiety? The

Stress and anxiety set

“Ultimate Crystal Set” is a thoughtful and kind gift that combines the best stress battling crystals and helps create a calm and serene environment. Pocket-sized, these healing crystals are great to place near your bed, hold on to during the day or meditate with. Maybe grab one for yourself at the same time? 


For Astrology lovers 

These amazing handmade crystal candles  

Our Tali & Loz handmade crystal candles are made from soy bean wax and

Aquarius candle

essential oils and poured in recycled glass containers. If your friend is always going on about their ruling planet or moon sign, these wonderful smelling candles will be a perfect addition to their space. 


For the Essential Oil Lover 

A few crystal infused oils to spread loving vibrations in their space 

Not just for New Age hippies - essential oils are a popular gift for nature lovers, 

Rose quartz oil with burner

spiritual souls and those with allergies or sensitivities to certain perfumes. These natural products are simple and easy to use, plus they will last for a long time. For some added crystal power, these crystal infused oils will open up your senses and bring deep calming and relaxation. Go with Lavender and Rose Quartz for a warm and loving embrace, or if you are after grounding and balance, the rich and floral scent of Sandalwood & Red Jasper


For the Home Décor Lover 

These cute tea light holders that look fancy! 

Do you have a friend whose house looks like it came out of a magazine 

Green agate tea Light holder

catalogue? While shopping for a larger or statement piece might be too hard to add to their décor (not to say expensive) these tea light holders are elegant, minimal and will remind them of you every time they reach for a match. This Green Onyx T-Light Holder is a symbol of creativity and growth and will spread positive vibrations all around their space. 


For the Jewellery Lover 

A crystal bracelet to keep with them at all times 

Crystal jewellery is the easiest way to keep your crystals near you, so you can 

Amethyst Pendant

benefit from their healing energy. These wonderful bracelets are made from ethically sourced crystals (as are all Tali & Loz crystals!) and are Reiki infused from Reiki Master Eliza


For the One About to Change their Lives 

A Moldavite stone to show them the way 

The stone that has made so many people realize the potential and power of crystals! Moldavite is a rare and wonderful tektite that can only be found in certain regions of the planet - hence it can be difficult to find larger pieces, not to mention expensive. It is a good thing then that only a small piece of Moldavite is enough to bring on spiritual awakening, remove obstacles holding you back and allow you to manifest what you most desire. Word of warning: Moldavite can feel intense to those not used to working with crystals. 


What is your favourite crystal themed gift from this list? Which one would you buy for yourself? 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

  Love & Light, Laura 


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