The Best Crystals for Spring and the Energetic New Year

Laura Konst

Looking for the perfect crystals to help you maximise your intentions for the Spring? Then look no further! What follows is our go-to list of the best Springtime crystals for renewal, regeneration, manifestation, fertility, new beginnings, new projects and more.


The Best Crystals for Spring

Spring is such a lovely time of year. Every year, following the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere we get to ring in the Energetic New year with the beginning of Aries Season. Once we enter Aries Season, the Energetic New Year and Springtime, all at once, the energy for manifestation is intensified. When you align your intentions with the energy of the season, the opportunity to call in your heart's desire is stronger than ever. That’s why choosing to work with crystals that align with the energy of Spring is so important.

So, what crystals should you be adding to your collection and working with over the next few months? Read on to find out!


If you’re ready to take advantage of the Energetic New Year and the power of

Aquamarine tumblestones

Spring, but you’re not quite sure what you’d like to manifest, Aquamarine is the stone for you! Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for Spring, because it gives us the ability to sift through energy and information, enhance mental clarity, and soothe an overactive mind.

Use Aquamarine to help you get still and determine what you want to do this year and what you’d like to manifest. Sit with your Aquamarine crystal in meditation, or wear it with you every day to welcome in moments of clarity. As an added bonus, using this stone may help you improve self-compassion while at the same time, softening tendencies toward judgment.

So if there’s something you think you want, but have perhaps judged yourself for wanting, and therefore avoided manifesting, this is the stone for you

Blue Sapphire

Energetically, Winter asks us to slow down, move inward, rest and get cozy within ourselves. Many people experience fatigue, mental fog and low emotional

Blue  Sapphire rough pieces

moods during the coldest season. As Spring approaches, we are encouraged to come back to life (so to speak). Blue Sapphire is an excellent stone for helping this process along. It enhances mental strength and naturally improves our ability to make decisions. It can also help to remove the build up of negativity that often accompanies the Winter Season. Plus, it is also believed to help eliminate excessive tiredness (yes please!).

As we eliminate the heaviness of Winter, we naturally begin to feel more creative and expressive. Blue Sapphire has a strong connection to the Throat Chakra, which allows us to bring ideas to life and express ourselves fully. So if you’re feeling ready to access creativity after a long and exhausting winter, working with Blue Sapphire may give you the added boost you need.

If you happen to have an Aries sun with impulsive tendencies that ramp up in the Spring, Blue Sapphire is especially helpful, as it improves decision making and can help you to practice self-control too.


Spring energetically promotes fertility. That’s why those who are seeking to add new members to the family, or give birth to new creative projects, would do well to get started in the Spring. Boost intentions related to fertility and creative

Carnelian Spheres

projects with help from Carnelian. This stone stimulates the Sacral Chakra which plays a role in  our connection to creativity, sexuality and fertility. Talk about a power-combo!

Whether you’re hoping to have children or not, Carnelian is a great stone to work with in the Springtime, that’s because it is known for bringing in positive energy and breaking through depressive energy (bye-bye seasonal depression). Use this stone to encourage a stronger love for life within yourself and align your energy with the natural energy of the season.


Spring is an excellent time for new beginnings, but in order to welcome those new beginnings and get the most out of them, we must first create space. That’s why “Spring cleaning” is a thing — it’s all about clearing out old energy. 

Chrysoprase Tumblestones

We love Chrysoprase for Spring because not only does it help to detoxify the body and the mind, it also promotes feelings of love and forgiveness. When we shed old, negative feelings towards others, we create space for new feelings of love.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and it’s a great time to set intentions around manifesting new love and abundance. Chrysoprase is a stone that can also be used to attract new love and abundance into your life, which is why it pairs so well with the season of Spring.

Green Calcite

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and for that we recommend using Green Calcite. Green Calcite is a crystal that connects with the Heart Chakra. Meditating with this stone can help you strengthen your connection to your own heart, and help you discern where you need to focus your emotions. Excellent for helping to

Green Calcite

heal and rejuvenate the heart so that you can move forward in life with a newfound sense of love.

Additionally, Spring is the season during which the world comes back to life. Flowers bloom, animals mate, rain falls and the sun shines high in the sky for a longer period of time. It’s an excellent time to focus on connecting with nature and Green Calcite just so happens to strengthen your connection with nature. Meditate outside with your Green Calcite crystal or go for a walk and start to notice any and all signs of Spring within the natural world around you.


Like some of the other stones on this list, Jade has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy, which makes it an excellent companion, especially for Spring time.

Since Spring is the season of manifestation and Jade is associated with 

Jade Towers

abundance & prosperity, you can use this stone to work with intentions related to inviting more abundance into your life. Be specific about the kind of abundance you seek... Are you looking for an abundance of love? Money? Opportunities?

Jade is also thought to be a lucky stone, so even if you’re just looking for a little added luck as you set out to bring new projects to life this Spring, Jade is the stone for you.


Bloodstone, which is the Birthstone for those born under the Aries Sun, is helpful for inviting courage, motivation and creative energy. Another excellent crystal to incorporate during the transition from Winter to Spring. 

Green bloodstone tumblestones

Bloodstone can help us to eliminate any mental or physical blocks that keep us from moving forward. It revitalises our energy and facilitates our ability to visualise a clear path forward. Whether you’re an Aries Native or not, you can use Bloodstone to stoke your natural fire and to power your being as you set out to bring forth your intentions.


Crystals for Aries Season and Aries Natives

Aries Zodiac Sign

Since Spring begins with Aries Season, we couldn’t put this list together without including a few crystals that are ideal for those born under the Aries sun and for everyone during the Aries Season. If you’re an Aries, or even if you’re just looking to add a little more Aries energy into your life this Spring, these are the stones for you.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper symbolises passion, enthusiasm and vitality, which is why 

Polychrome Jasper Spheres

it’s such a great stone for fire signs like Aries. Use this stone to enhance your creativity, stimulate new ideas and tap into your imagination. If you’re an Aries native, then you naturally have a lot of creative energy already and during Aries Season, we all have access to these natural energies. Using Polychrome Jasper will enhance these energies when you choose to work with them.

Rainbow Moonstone

Aries sun signs love to take on new projects, new opportunities and new 

One side polished rainbow moonstone

challenges and in the Springtime (particularly Aries Season) anyone can feel that strong pull to dive into something new. Rainbow Moonstone is an excellent stone for inviting in new opportunities. Plus, Rainbow moonstone can help ease the stress that often comes with trying new things. That’s why we love Rainbow Moonstone for individuals with strong Aries energy and of course for Aries Season!


Citrine, it is believed, has the ability to help people attract success and wealth 

Natural Citrine Points

into their lives. It helps to promote the energy of manifestation,  and as the zodiac sign that kicks off the Energetic New Year, Aries Season is the best time to set intentions for manifestation. Since Aries loves to succeed and be the best, Citrine is a worthy companion. Boost your energy, mental creativity and personal power with this stone as you set intentions and work toward achieving your goals this year with a little added help from Citrine.


Shop the Best Crystals for Spring

Now that you know which crystals are best to work with during the Spring Season, it’s time to add a few must have pieces to your collection. Whether you’re looking to enhance fertility, boost creativity, facilitate the process of rejuvenation, or call in something big this energetic year, there’s a crystal in our shop for you.

Browse by stone, or check out our page for best crystals for Aries.

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

   Love & Light, Laura


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