These Are Our Favourite Crystal And Spiritual Gifts For Christmas 2022

Tali and Loz Christmas sets

Are you not sure what to gift or receive this Christmas? Not to worry! We have made a great guide for you and your family/friends that you can use to ensure the best crystal and spiritual gifts this year! From Crystal Zodiac sets to Oracle Decks and even a membership to a breathing app are the new trends for 2022.

Let’s start with our top 5 Crystal Gifts, all sets come with description cards.

The Luxury Crystal Advent Calendar from £125,-

Ok, we hear you think… an advent calendar on Christmas Day? Uhmm yeah! It

Tali and Loz crystal advent calendar

isn’t exactly advent (meaning coming/arrival), but you can use this as the 12 days of Christmas celebration which is actually 25th December to 5Th January. So yes, lets extend that wonderful Christmas vibe for a little longer! Our Crystal Christmas Advent Calendar consists of minimum 15 to maximum 18 crystals as a total worth £200+. You may wish to fully customize your calendar by picking your own crystals or let us know who the calendar is for and we will help you out!

Shop your Crystal Advent Calendar here. From £125,-

Crystal Zodiac Sets

Our 7 piece tumblestone Crystal Zodiac Sets are made with advice from

Scorpio crystal set

evolutionary astrologer Jev, who explained the soul journey of the archetypes of the particular zodiac and from there we selected the right crystals to balance this archetype. This means that the zodiac sets aren’t necessary for the sun signs only, but also your moon, ascendant and of course your archetypes! So you can either choose to gift for the sun sign or think outside the box and gift your friend their moon sign to nurture and balance that side.

Shop your zodiac sets here. From £21,-

Protection Set

Our protection set is great gift for those who are sensitive for the energies

Protection set with sage and crystals

around them. This often make them anxious, tired or withdrawn. This set has 6 crystals and a sage wand in there to protect their environment and help settle them down. The crystals can either be placed in the house or they can carry the crystal of choice with them. This is a very thoughtful gift to give.

Shop all your supporting sets here. From 25,-

Crystal Pyramid or Orgone Device

This is a fantastic gift for those who already collect crystals, the shape of a pyramid naturally amplifies the energies around the crystal. The difference

Amethyst Orgone

between a crystal pyramid and orgone device is that the orgones have a copper coil or symbol in it that boost this amplification even more.  Let’s say a very safe choice for everyone including children is a crystal Rose Quartz or Amethyst Pyramid, both great for calming, nurturing and sleep. But if you have the same crystals into an orgone device, these energies with the copper coil or symbol in it will be stronger. We have over 10 types of Orgone and 10 types of Pyramids, so there will be something unique and new for that crystal collector friend or family member.

Shop all your pyramids and orgone devices here. From £19.50

Tektites and Meteorites

Ok, you don’t have to be a crystal collector or even ‘believe’ in the spiritual side of things to think  these space specimens are cool. The tektite Moldavite has

Moldavite 2.82 gram

hugely taken off in popularity in the last two years or so. And we are lucky enough to have them straight from Czech Republic and they have been tested to be real (there is lots of fake out there). Spiritually, Moldavite is known as the stone of transformation and it will get rid of things in your life that you don’t need. If you gift this to anyone who knows a bit about crystals/minerals then this will definitely bring you in their inner circle of besties. We also stock the softer sister of Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass and their more chilled and grounded brother, Darwin Glass. Currently the only meteorite we have in the Argentinian Campo Del Cielo meteorite.

Read more here about Tektites in our blog and specifically Moldavite in this blog.

Other Spiritual Gifts We Love

Spirit Mamas Oracle Deck

The USA based Spirit Mamas are two amazing ladies who bring (mostly) women

Spirit Mamas Oracle Deck

together in their community to take back their own power. We recorded a great podcast with them here. Their 44-card oracle deck is designed to find your authentic self, your inner power and connect with your intuition. The designs are absolutely beautiful and inspiration, this is a true heartfelt gift.

Shop the oracle deck here.

Moonseed Rituals Candles

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the local and handmade products from Moonseed Rituals? Moonseed Rituals offers botanical rituals combining the power of plant

Season of the witch candle

magic, rituals and folk recipes. Lauren just launched her new candle 'Season of the Witch', made with a gorgeous blend of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger and Lemon. Handmade in small batches you know that these wonderful products are a truly wonderful and unique gifts this Christmas.


Shop the Season of the Witch Candle Here.

Sulara Lifestyle Wear

Sulara lifestyle

Lifestyle wear with a purpose! Made with high quality fabrics, gorgeous elegant designs and inspirational spiritual quotes this is a beautiful buy for that active friend! Owned by Carolina, Sulara is an established brand in Costa Rice but a new brand here in the UK. On our social media you may have seen us wearing the ‘Radiate Good Vibes’ tops at shows? That is Sulara x Tali and Loz, but also available without the logo’s.

Shop Sulara Lifestyle here.

Breath Hub App Subscription

Breath hub app

Not the first gift you might think off, but it is a great one! Breath Hub app is good for anyone who want to connect better with their breathing. It is a highly important practice because a better breathing pattern the better you feel. Founded by Nevsah F. Karamehmet, a distinguished and highly respected global authority in the breathing sciences field with over 20 years of expertise.

Go to the Breath Hub App Here. 

Buddha Pants

Buddha Pants

Super comfy, organic and very cool. A choice of many designs, patterns of pants and jumpsuits this is most definitely a super fun gift! Available in many sizes from small to plus size we are sure you can find something for that lucky person!

Shop Buddha Pants Here.


Which gifts would you like to receive? Let us know in the comments below.

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have!


Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz
 Love & Light, Laura


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